Monday, September 17, 2012

Going down the oral road...

It's pretty simple, in recent studies from the Kinsey Institute shows that oral sex is the most fantasized about sex act.

One of the oldest known fellatio stories dates back to the ancient story of Isis and Osiris. Osiris had been murdered by his brother Set, dismembered and his parts flung across the world. Isis, the distraught wife of Osiris sought out and found all of his various body parts less his penis. Isis unwilling to leave her husband dead, or demasculated without his penis, she molded one from clay and commenced to bring her dead husband back from the dead through "blowing" life into him through his penis.

Other depictions of oral sex are written in the Song of Songs, Circa 10th Century BC, when taken in the plain and literal sense without allegory. Though this is up for debate among many religious scholars, I'm sure some of whom would cringe at my mention. (sorry) Another "ancient" writing created in the Ramesside period, the Turin Erotic Papyrus dated around 1292-1075 BC, clearly shows regardless of interpretation that the ancients were enamoured with sex in all its various forms, even oral.

I recently read an article that stated, basically, oral sex is a product of porn, blah blah blah and yadda yadda yadda. I respectfully read the article while struggling to control my own gag reflex. Regardless, to each their own and for all the anti-oral men & women out there, I promise not to assault you with my mouth, lips or tongue (as if that would ever happy anyway).

Anyhoo, there are a couple of things that oral sex is and is not. Let's do the "Nots" first...

Oral sex is not
Used to degrade or debase
Safe from STD's

Oral sex is
A way to explore your partner.
A way to express a higher level of intimacy.
Direct stimulation of the sexual or other erogenous zone by the mouth or tongue.
A means to increase the likelihood of female orgasm.
Oral sex is SEX, (yes some people don't think of Oral sex as Sex)
A way to enjoy your partner without the risk of pregnancy.

Issues that tend to creep up with oral sex. For most men I have talked to about oral sex, this is an activity that they thoroughly enjoy and would like to have that feeling of completion but are often left without it. Yes, they want to orgasm during fellatio. The issue is that more than a few of us women have gag reflexes that either prevent us from taking him all the way or when we do result in a series of dry heaves that ruin the mood. So what can we do about this, I suggest that you grab a box of flavored condoms. Yes, the wonderful condom is more than just for prevention of STDs and pregnancy. It is a tool we can use to complete, extend and more thoroughly enjoy a sexual activity we otherwise may not be able to. Yes, the Dental Dam will provide the same effects as a condom for the ladies.

Oral sex is a completely natural sex act and is observed in the animal world. Hyenas engage in oral sex, Chimps, Goats, and other Monkeys engage in oral sex as acts of pleasure, cleansing as well as bonding and intimacy.

If you are in an intimate relationship, and are looking to increase your sexual prowess but find yourself shying away from oral sex take just a moment and challenge those ideals that are holding you back. The idea that oral sex is "nasty" or "dirty" came about in the Victorian era and those idea have continued at least to my generation. Though it was practiced openly and without impunity or shame for thousands of recorded years and I'm quite certain in pre-recorded history as well.

So get down, go down, most importantly and as always....

Stay Curvy



  1. :D Oral is the second best thing one can do with their mouth. At least in my opinion.

  2. I can't imagine a life without oral sex...

  3. Meeeeeeeee Either. Thanks for you comments!

  4. OMG!!! I LOVE giving and receiving oral sex....Very stimualating for BOTH participants. Humma Humma.:)

  5. HEHE me too! LOL It's the second best thing I can think of to do with my mouth. :D (Some days I'm sure honey would say the only good thing I can do with my mouth!!)

  6. Hehehehehehe!!!!! I CERTAINLY hear that!!!!

  7. Hiya I think you read my poem on my take on Oral Sex...for me its all about making my partner feeling great and I enjoy doing that first and foremost. Getting her off first alleviates any issues and (shows at least from my point of view) as man that I am concerned with her needs. Hell in the end (no pun intended or was it, :) )it all works out.