Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dr. Laura Bermans Veronica Pelvic Exerciser

Sooooooo I was super excited to get chosen to be one of CalExotics "SexPerts" as a Sex Toy Reviewer and I did get my first free tester toy last week. So now you know why I've been so quiet on my blog. :D

This is what I received Dr. Laura Bermans Veronica pelvic exerciser you can find it on my boutique site at Curvys After Midnight

This products packaging was extremely superior with the product sealed in its own little bubble wrap pouch. After I popped all the bubbles, because well, it's bubble wrap, I was surprised at how smooth and seamless this little gem was. It is nice to look at and non-porous so it's super easy to keep clean and sanitized.

It's well-balanced and weighted nicely. However, if a person is not used to pelvic exercisers or Kegels it might leave her wondering exactly how to get the most benefit from this. So I would have been happier to have found a little sheet of instructions. Really, just a sentence or two to would suffice to ensure that the consumer is using it properly and getting the maximum benefit from the product. Not every woman has used these types of exercisers, so the lack of guidance in effective use and functionality detracts just a tad from the overall product, in my opinion.

It has 3 weighted sections, one tip has a nice little g-spot angle and the other a rounded tip. In my opinion, the one downfall of the Veronica is that if you are using it as an exerciser you are pretty much stuck in the bathroom as you do them. You cannot move about like you may be able to with other Kegel exercisers. Now for others who need that specific time of day and activity in order to remember, it might be a positive for them. It really depends on if you have the time, drive and motivation to spend those few precious moments in the bathroom or bedroom doing nothing but these exercises. As with all muscle exercises, consistency is the key to success.

You insert either end inside the VJ while standing, gently holding the other end and contract the pelvic floor muscles to hold the tool in. Since I regularly do Kegel exercises with another product, this one, as far as the exercise itself is quite comparable. I am built a little like a horse, thick thighs and such, I could technically hold it in with my thighs alone, so to further the experiment I combined the exercise with a high squat.

Being dual purpose in that it also acts as a weighted massager you get sexy fun and functionality.

Pros and Cons


Nicely Packaged
Smooth and seamless
Well weighted
Dual purpose Pelvic Exerciser and Weighted Massager


My package did not come with instructions.
Limitation on movement. (You can't walk about)

All in all it is a pretty handy little exerciser. Working the pelvic floor muscles is beneficial in so many ways.

Including but not limited to:

Stronger vaginal muscles for more pleasurable love-making
Ensures against urinary incontinence
Creates a stronger pelvic floor to keep all the pelvic organs in place
Consistent pelvic exercises will ensure against uterine prolapse

Like the rest of our bodies, the pelvic floor muscles need to be exercised to stay in shape. So spend a few minutes each day working these muscles as you do the rest of your body. For the past week, each day I've used the Dr. Laura Berman Pelvic Exerciser. Contracting the pelvic muscles for three seconds and release for three seconds 15 times in a rep and 3 reps a day. You should feel the VJ, urethra and anus tightening as you work the pelvic floor muscles. If you are feeling it in you belly or booty, you're working the wrong set of muscles. Using a weighted tool such as the Dr. Laura Bermans Veronica pelvic exerciser will benefit you through resistance training just as weight training benefits our other muscles.

So get busy, get strong and as always...

Stay Curvy


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