Thursday, January 10, 2013

Time to get crafty ...

Thank you Brainiac256 for this creative idea for making a sexy rope flogger!  This is great for those times when you just don't have one handy!

Keep these coming.  Oh!  :D

Yet another fabulous /r/BDSMcommunity member sharing their knowledge.  I'm telling ya'll this may be THE reddit!!!  Oh and they have a new AMA sister reddit!  You know I'm lurking in it!

So this is a quickie post for ya'll be sure to tune in Friday night for our KinkEnd on Sex Talk with Curvy as we chat about Sensation Play and Darr_Syn is gonna teach me the ropes.  (hehe ropes, I ♥ them)  Oh an no pants allowed, so I'm curious to see what ya'll come up with for me.


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