Sunday, September 9, 2012

If you groom it...

they will come. OMG, I so just did the Kevin Costner Baseball movie thing quote kinda. Anyhoo

Today's topic is personal grooming. This is gonna be a short one, but still important in the area of intimacy and sexual satisfaction. If you're a woman like me, there are days when I do the ankle to knee shave and call it done because really, those extra 2 minutes to wrap up the shave I just don't have. What I do have is more demands on my time than actual time. If I had 36 hours in the day, I'd go for the full shave and pedi scrub. I don't and neither do you, or if you do please tell me how!!!!

So, shaving the coochy. Did you realize that it takes on average half an hour to get a clean, slick shave on the cooch? OMG who would have thought that getting that shave would take longer than shaving our legs? There are a couple of things you need to get before you start the shave.

1. Use only high quality, multi blade razors. Preferably one with a pivoting head. I use a 5 blade, yes they are a little more expensive, but the results are well worth it. No nicks, scrapes or pulls.

2. Use a good shaving oil to act as a barrier between your skin and the razor. I love the "Barely There Miracle Oil". If you google shaving oils, you will have a great selection of shaving oils to use if you choose not to use the Barely There Miracle Oil.

3. Also make sure you are using a good shave cream. While I choose the Barely There Miracle Oil I also use Coochy Shave Cream as the shaving cream. Do NOT for the love of awesomeness use soap. You will end up with what I like to call the "Burning Bush" look. If you are going to take the time to groom it, do it well or don't do it at all. Trust me, you do not want to deal with itch and appearance of razor burn or the lovely ingrown hair follicles that will inevitably follow.

4. Find a silicone labia guard. (I know, what the hell is a labia guard) This is a neat little tool you can use to protect the clitoris & labia minora or your inner VaJayJay lips. Cause a cut here will hurt, A LOT!

5. Make sure you have on hand an aftershave powder or light water-based lotion. I have used the Coochy Aftershave Powder, but found that baby powder worked just as well. When I'm putting on the sexy black I do use the Coochy Aftershave Protection Mist only to avoid the white powder trail on my panties, dress, the floor and everywhere else I end up getting it.

6. Keep handy a small mirror, so you can get a good view of what still needs to be groomed and how your progress is going.

7. Have on hand a good exfoliating wash, a sugar scrub or exfoliating mitt.

Ok so now you have the tools, let's get to shaving.

Before you jump in the tub or shower, trim it up. The shorter the hair to start with the less stress or use on the razor. If you are shaving in the bathtub, make sure it's nice and warm and you soak for 10 to 15 minutes. If you are showering, again spend a good 10 to 15 minutes to relax the hair follicle. Exfoliate and use the shave oil over the area to be shaved. This way you are putting that protective barrier between your skin and the razor. Set the labia guard in place, slather on that shaving cream, on your mark get set, go.

Once you begin the shave, follow the growth on the first round then reapply shave cream and go opposite the growth on the second round. Avoid going over the same spot multiple times as doing so will cause irritation. Once you finish, use your mirror to check how well you did. If you find you've missed a spot, repeat with the shave oil, cream and follow the growth then opposite the growth on the final round.

When you are finished, pat the cooch dry and apply either the aftershave powder, protection mist, the Barely There Miracle Oil, witch hazel or Hydrogen Peroxide will go a long way to prevent skin infections and ingrown hairs as well.

If you are leaving a little landing strip I suggest conditioning these remaining pubic hairs, there is pubic conditioner cream on the market as well but I just re-apply my Coochy Shave Cream and it seems to keep them from being to coarse pokey like.

There seems to be a few schools of thought on grooming the cooch, it depends on the person. From a hygienic point of view, the less hair you have in that area, the less odors are able to attach to the hairs. Because there's fewer hair. (Face Palm) If you choose not to shave, but want that silky smooth feel there are other options out there. Waxing, laser treatments etc... If you choose to keep all your hair, I do suggest a nice trim. Or of course, you can always go all natural. It's completely up to you and what you are comfortable with.

There are some benefits to the barely there grooming for sexual satisfaction. If you have this nest of curlies down there, it acts almost as a barrier during intercourse. Another layer hiding the already hidden and protected clitoris. One of the best orgasms a woman can have is a combo g-spot and clitoris. Plus, removing some of the hair (or all) gives your lover comfortable access when performing cunningulus, no one really wants a pube floss. (True story, I Promise)

A final note, sometimes those long wiry pokey hairs can get in places that are uncomfortable. So again, if you groom it, they will come and so will you. You don't have to go totally bare, but do fix your hair down there with the same attention you fix the hair on your head. Have fun, if you're super daring have your lover shave it for you. You can find most if not all the above mentioned products at Curvies After Midnight.

I know for some of you super groomers out there this might seem a little redundant, but I cannot even count how many times I've spoken to people who suffer from perpetual "Burning bush" and or other shaving related issues. Male grooming to follow tomorrow so hold on to your boxers or briefs guys, I'll get to you next. :D Either way, dare to be bare or keep it all there have fun, be safe and as always...

Stay curvy!!!!


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