Friday, September 7, 2012

Safe fun with Silicone Sex Toys

How fun is this? We're grown up and adult like but we still get toys that are worth jumping up and down over (or on which ever). There are hundreds of thousands of adult toys out there, made from steel, gold, wood, plastic, silicone, "FantaFlesh", UR3, and more and more and more. Then you have the lubes and lotions some are water-based, some are silicone based, oil-based, and more and more and more. Ok so off the monotony of "And More" and on to the good stuff.

If you're like me when you get a new toy, you don't stop to read the directions. Mostly they are pretty self-explanatory and if you can't figure them out, ya might want to put it back or return it unopened or read the damn directions. IJS But, I diverge from my subject. So let's do a quickie, so to speak, of sex toy care, compatibility and combinations.

Shopping for sex toys can be F.U.N!!!! In point of fact, it should be fun I mean really, they are designed for fun. If you're shopping for HTML pocket guides this is a not fun. (sex toys = fun, HTML pocket guide = not so much fun) So have fun when you are surfing the net for toys, or stepping into that sexy "naughty" store. If you're single and shopping for just yourself fantasize about the stimulation you are seeking. If you're part of a couple open that line of communication with your partner if you haven't already.

I want to touch quickly on the communication aspect of intimacy and sex. Whether you're from the "Glass Dildo as Art", the "Hide-my-vibe" or the "Well I Never" generation you might want to pay attention. If you have a partner and want to explore some sexy fun with toys, starting a conversation about it can be more than a little intimidating. This conversation is important and should be done. The conversation is truly a part of intimacy, expressing your sexual desires with your partner can enhance your level of intimacy and is one of the best tools you have to assist in maximizing your own sexual prowess.

Here's a couple of tricks to ease you and your partner into some tool usage during sex:

Incorporate some sexy household items, use a new feather duster to tickle his or her fancy. But why stop there, grab a hair brush to run along the soles of his feet, not quite a tickle but totally titillating. Add some flavor, text your sweetie, ask him or her to bring home a strawberry glow in the dark condom. Break open the fridge, (OMG that scene in 9 1/2 weeks still gets to me in ways I like.) show him your skills on that banana, or let her see how you can use that tongue on a whip cream covered strawberry. (Keep the sticky sweet stuff away from the VaJayJay)

Another fun tactic to bring the subject up, is to sit with your partner and check out some of the sex toy offerings online. This is a safe, in your own home, non-committal way to look at sex toys. A simple, "that looks like it would be fun" might be all it takes.

My favorite though is this, if you have the opportunity to go to a friends pleasure or fuckware party... GO!!!!! If it's a girls only party you get to come home and tell the honey about all the fuckware you got to see and how much you learned. (Plus its easy to get randy at these parties, so he will be in for such a treat once you finish telling him about all the kinky fuckware you saw.)

The point for all that was to find things within the home that you can use to incorporate into your sex life. As well as ways to ease into the world of kinky toy fun without blurting out "I want a dildo" to your partner over soup and salad. (Awkward)

One of the common barriers for couples in toy fun is that one or both partners feel using them means that they, as lovers, are inadequate. I'm calling bull shit on that excuse. If you use your mouth in any way to pleasure your partner, does that mean that your genitalia is inadequate? No. If you use your fingers or hands in any way to pleasure your partner, does that mean your genitalia and/or mouth is inadequate? Nooooooo! So stop with the excuses and get your buzzzz on.

Sex toys are a great way to prolong and extend your foreplay sessions. In addition they alleviate performance anxiety in both men and women. Toys can enhance and enable women with difficulties reaching the Big O to get there. You know what I'm talking about. Toys can reach, focus on and stimulate the G-Spot, clitoris, and yes even the prostate for you guys.

Now, lets talk about some care issues with toys. These are an investment in pleasure, treat them like one. Know what you are using, and know how to care for and maintain them.

Materials. Toys come in so many materials, wood, metals, glass, silicone, rubber, thermal plastics, jelly rubber and the list goes on. What I want you to consider here is body safety. Today's toy topic will be silicone toys. We'll discuss others in the near future.

A simple rule of thumb is this: If it smells like chemicals use it with a condom! This goes for all things, whether it be a masturbator for him or a dildo for her. In point of fact, always use them with condoms. Non-lubed to be exact.


The safest toy material, is silicone (followed by glass & wood). It is the softest, longest lasting, & functional of materials, plus it's Phthalate free AND you can toss it in the dishwasher! (Bonus for us hard-working ladies! Just make sure you get it out before your in-laws come over for dinner and discover your toy in the dishwasher while looking for clean silverware. Or what I like to call snooping! *eye roll*)

Now when you are looking for silicone toys, make sure your purchase is 100% silicone. Those toys that include silicone and a mix of other materials don't have the same qualities as a 100% silicone toy. Also, make sure when you use your silicone toy do so with only non-silicone or water-based lubes. Silicone Toy + Silicon Lube = F'ed up toy. Stick to water based lubes and non lubricated condoms.

Finally, when storing your silicone toy, keep it in a separate sleeve or a clean sock. You don't want one silicone toy resting on or touching another silicone toy. Why? Silicone Toy + Silicone Toy = 2 F'ed up toys. Keep your silicone toys away from the kitties, they love love love silicone, so store them in a safe, clean, dry sugar sack, hide a vibe pillow or sneaky sack. Make sure after each use, you clean them with anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner and please, for the love of all that is sacred, DON'T share or re-gift your toys because that is just nasty.

So a quick run down on the Do's & Don'ts of silicone toys.

1. Do buy 100 % Silicone
2. Do use non-lubricated condoms when enjoying your toy
3. Do use water-based lubes, other NON-Silicone lubes or saliva as lube with your toys
4. Do toss it in the dishwasher (without your dishes, no really without the dishes) or use an anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner
5. Do store in a separate sleeve or clean sock
6. Do use your silicone toy to enhance and enable your own orgasm or your partners orgasm through extended foreplay and stimulation of the G-Spot, Clitoris and P-Spot

1. Do NOT buy Silicone Mix toys
2. Do NOT use silicone lube with silicone toys
3. Do NOT store open with other toys
4. Do NOT "ride hard & put away wet"
5. Do NOT use from back to front (Anus to VaJayJay)
6. Do NOT share or re-gift (Cause it's nasty)

Care for your investment, it's an extension and enhancement of your sexual joy. No toy ever made has ever replaced the love and intimacy between couples. It's not an enemy of intimacy, it's an extension an exploratory device. It brings into the bedroom a tool to enhance, increase and expand a couples sexual repertoire.

Go now, look online or check out Curvies After Midnight Hurry! Most importantly and as always...

Stay Curvy!


If you have questions or would like to see a specific Fuck-a-licious topic let me know. I ♥ requests. :D


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  2. Thank you Jim, I'm glad you found the blog and the store helpful. If you have anything you'd like to see added to the blog or the store let me know. Be safe, have fun and most importantly....

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