Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Dam or Not To Dam

Yes, that is the question. All too often the term safe sex is associated with drudgery and lack of spontaneity. However, if planning is such a big f'ing deal remember that you will still have to schedule your doctor appointments when you end up with that lovely sore on your upper lip. I'm just saying.

I have always suggested that ladies take some responsibility in this area. Carry with you some condoms in your purse or wallet. Do remember though that these do require some attention, that dusty, wrinkled, cracked thing you've had tucked away in your wallet for the last year or so is probably no good anymore. Toss it and get a package of fresh ones. While you're at it, grab a package of Dental Dams!!!!

Anyhoooo, on to the subject. Seems we've been lacking in some understanding. Safe sex includes safe Oral sex as well. Most people tend to think of this in a male perspective, if you wrap it you're safe. But what about for the guys and gals who love to perform Cunningulus or Anilingus? It might smell like roses and taste like strawberries but even so it might pack a punch that is not obvious. Dental Dams are a fun, tasty, safe treat for those awesome givers out there, and they cost a whole lot less than medical and dental visits.

What the hell is a "Dental Dam" some of you are asking, simply put it's a condom for the VaJayJay. Dental Dam It is a flat latex (generally) sheet that provides a barrier between the vagina & anus of the receiver and the mouth of the giver. You can find these in flavored and scented as well. Best of all, they are reasonably priced and fairly easy to find online. Google Dental Dam or check out

Use of a dental dam is much like use of a condom. When you unwrap it, check to make sure there are no holes, do NOT use if it appears to be cracked or brittle. Using one side only, cover the vulva and anus of the receiver and dive in holding the dental dam in place as you do so.

Some common do's and dont's:

Do Not reuse or share.
Do Not use Oil-Based Lubricants.
Do Not use lubes that are NOT water based or sticky near a woman's VaJayJay.
Do Not expose both sides to the VaJayJay. (one is for licking and one is for sticking)

Do protect yourself from HIV/AIDS and other STD's.
Do find Water-Based lubricants.
Do find some that taste good or are flavored.
Do use a new one every time.
Do keep some on hand. (Just in case)

So ladies and gentlemen if oral is a part of your sexual dexterity remember to keep on hand a condom for fellatio and a dental dam for cunningulus and anilingus. While no prophylactic is 100% effective 100% of the time: if used properly a Dental Dam can go a long way to protect against many sexually transmitted diseases as well as HIV/AIDS. Just remember if you like sex as much as I do and want to continue to have sex for years to come you have to take measures to protect yourself and your partner. Safe sex doesn't have to be prudish, boring or planned. If you are always prepared for anything, you can have everything!

Stay curvy!


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