Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The steamiest room in the house.

My muses on hot steamy bathroom sex...

OMG so I just want to go jump in a puddle of mud so I have a good reason to ask the honey to wash my back. I know for myself most of the time spent in the bathroom is either hair and makeup, teeth brushing, shower and leg shave or some other non-companion type activity. But I cherish my bath time, I love to luxuriate in the suds with the heat of the water making my skin turn a little pink, watching the steam roll of my legs. I love the scrub & they way the body wash feels on my skin, it's easily my first turn on in the morning. (OK fine, you got me, I'm a bath freak.)

Anyhoo.... I think the bathroom is a neglected sexual palace. We use the terms hot, steamy, wet & slippery without impunity when discussing sex & how we like it. But how often do we utilize the very room in our home that encompasses each of those adjectives for our sexual exploits? I've often written & discussed the effects of stress & obligation on our sex lives, so here is a super sexy fun ENERGY SAVING TIP....

Shower Together! What better activity can you do to save water, energy & I'd say time but.... well whatever. Whether you or your lover shower in the am or pm it's a great time to strip down & jump in with them. A perfect send off or morning departure for Wednesday or a perfect end to a hard mid-week work day.

A steamy shower or bath goes a long way in setting the mood, the steam is present all it needs is you & your lover. Shower sex incorporates all the senses as well, visually you can see your lover all nude & wet, you can hear the water running from their body & the shower, you can smell their freshly washed skin & the sense of touch well, you can go from cold to hot with the turn on a knob. (hehe I've wanted to think of a way to incorporate the word knob into my blog... Check)

So ladies, get ready to get wet & wetter with your honey in the shower & guys clean that dirty girl good. Depending on the time of day & the immediate obligations will set the tempo of your shower sex. If it's morning & work is calling a quick shower session is in order. Jump in, scrub up rinse off & get your quickie on. A quickie in the morning is just a sampling of what is to come later. Plus it gives us & our lover something to think on throughout the day.

If you have more time, after the kids are successfully tucked into bed & all the other obligations of life are wrapped up or effectively ended until the next day take a couple of minutes to set the mood in the bathroom. Light a couple of candles, remember if you use scented &/or pheromone infused candles they increase the sensuality of the bathroom. The light from the candle can play across you & your lovers wet bodies, what a sight for each of you to behold. Draw a warm bath, add in some foamy stuff or bubble bath something again luxurious & with sensual scent.

Sex in the bath is a great way to try out some different positions that require either physical strength or extended periods of endurance. Sex in the tub is great for that reverse cowgirl position & the water acts almost as an instant weight reduction. Alleviating the strain on her legs & his arms in assisting her to maintain this position. (plus its sloshy sexy) If you have a stand alone tub, like a claw foot tub the possibilities are endless, you have not one but two sides upon which you can drape your legs, arms or your body across. Giving you endless opportunities for position play.

Toilet sex!?!?!?! Say what? Yes with the lid closed preferably. This is a seat, no arms on which you have to maneuver around. Have your lover sit, while you get total control in the straddle. You can face him (or her) or let them see your sexy back and bottom. The term "back it up on meh" comes to mind. Seriously, when will you ever have that much fun on a toilet? I'm just saying. The height is great & doesn't require a huge knee bend for penetration. I guarantee you will never look at your toilet in the same manner.

The sink, (I smile every time I wash my face) The sink is awesome, she can sit on it with her legs around his waist, or she can bend across it for him to come in from the backside. He can sit on it while she seductively bends to perform fellatio.

The floor, I can hardly think of anything sexier than two hot bodies rolling around on a cold tiled floor. It's a sensory contrast that is a lot to take in and completely overwhelming. Imagine being hot on the front and cold on the back or visa versa.

So look around your bathroom, think for just a moment about the limitless possibilities of sex in that hot, steamy, sexy room. So some quick shower sex dos & don'ts

DO set the mood in the bathroom.
DO use some slip prevention stickie thingies in the tub.
DO find some sexy smelling, sensual bath & body products.
DO set some suction cup handles in place.
DO take care to protect your joints from the hard surfaces in the bathroom.

DO Not use oil based products in the shower or tub.
Do Not get reckless, a slip & fall can be dangerous & embarrassing.
DO Not use the body wash as a lube or insert into the VaJayJay.

These little sexplorations are a great way to improve upon a happy and satisfying sex life. It goes a long way to show your lover that you want them sexually in every aspect of your life, even the potty. :D

Grab your bath toys, set the mood & as always...

Stay Curvy!


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