Saturday, October 27, 2012

Breast Cancer

and body image. I had the privilege to speak with not one but two of the most awesome and inspirational women I have ever had the pleasure to meet tonight. I cannot even begin to express how they inspire me and I honestly hope that any woman, or partner of a woman who is going through breast cancer or is still suffering sexual side effects from this disease will find in these two as much inspiration as I have.

I've not been affected by Breast Cancer either personally or through a close family member so I really was in the dark about the subject other than I knew it affected the "girls" and was bad. I couldn't personally imagine the betrayal of my body to the extent of actual physical detachment of a body part. Let alone one of my breasts. I mean, I love my bewbies. They are soft and pretty and squishy and fun to play with. It's a love affair and I always giggle cause I can play with them when ever I want to. It's like a toy for me that can't be taken away.

So to have the honor of having these two awesome women who not only won the battle with breast cancer, but came back sexier than ever gave me hope for all my sexy sisters out there who are in survival mode and battling this disease. You have now two role models, two beautiful sexy women who embrace life and living and one of the best parts of life in a healthy sexual relationship.

I have a whole new respect and admiration for all women and the MEN who have the stones to stand with them as they go through this struggle. So my hat, (it's a betty boop beanie btw) off to you.

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Stay sexy, stay strong and as always...

Stay Curvy

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  1. Apparently I made some tragic, penis hating, man bashing comment with my "pay attention guys" comment.

    Now I'm tired and don't really know for sure what I said, most times I'm as surprised as everyone else. But I'm fairly certain that I might have called a couple "men" losers for ditching two amazing women as they either discovered they had or were battling breast cancer. By ditching I don't mean the "Hey, I'm just not able to deal with this right now, and I'm not that invested in our relationship. So I wish you well, and hope that you have a support system because I can't be that for you" ditch. I'm talking about the "I'll be your rock baby" and never call again, or string them on when they have enough to deal with without your craptacular ego getting in the way. Oh and it's not your boobs, so support is all that was required.

    Bet ya'll think is going to be an apology, dontcha? Well PPPPFFFFFTTTTTTT on that. I meant what I said, whatever it was. What I will clarify for you is this. IF, IF and I hope not, your woman or love or whatever is diagnosed with something like this. You need to take a minute and decide if you can deal with it and hang, or if you have to leave because you yourself cannot support her as she goes through this. Don't bring on some manTastic statement like "I'll be here for you" when you're crapping your spidey man-panties.

    It has got to be extremely hard to stand by someone who is facing a life threatening illness and take a tremendous amount of strength. I have a huge amount of respect for those who do. All I'm saying is don't claim to be a white knight and stronger than granite if you aren't. So if I called you a douchebag for your sphincter-ish "pinch it off" attitude the second a health issue presented itself. Deal with it you are a douchebag. For the men who do stay and show support and caring for their women, congrats to you!

    There are so many men who go through this with their women, being their rock, showing them support on a level most of us can only imagine. They are awesome, they are deserving of being called men.