Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chilly camp nights...

and steamy sex.

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I love contrasts. Hot to cold, hard to soft etc... This is one of the many reasons I love this upcoming season. The days can still be warm and the nights outside chilly. Perfect camping weather, perfect forest sex season. It's a time to get in touch with nature and each other. If you're like me and get a little spastic when away from your laptop for more than 24 hours or check your iphone every 7.3445 minutes to see if by some miracle you have service, camping can be a challenge. Camp sex however makes up for all the electronicle (yes it's a made up word) withdrawals I seem to suffer.

Camping can mean a lot of things to a lot of people so for the sake of inclusion lets say camping is anything that is in the wilderness outside your home. This can include a cabin in the woods, a lakeside resort, a 5th wheel pull behind or a rucksack and a tent. Either way you go, this is the season for stepping out into nature. One of the best things I find during my fall camp trips is that "back to nature" feeling you get when you spend the day with your love exploring the forests, the lakes and hiking the trails. The exertion is exhilarating, the air is clean and there is something sexy in nature and all she has to offer.

So often we are asking for our men or partners to be more expressive of their sexual needs, their feelings etc... Lets face it, most men aren't generally big talkers on feelings or intimacy. It's sometimes up to us ladies to ensure that we are meeting their expressive needs in providing them with that "manly man" adventure. While not every man enjoys camping or the wild places those that do can appreciate sex in the wild. We, as women can't always expect them to meet our needs for being romanced if we are unwilling to meet their needs for romance within a setting that they enjoy. Most times we are on different planets when it comes to what is or isn't romantic. So finding some commonality in this arena can be challenging.

My idea of romance is a flatteringly lit room, wine, the smell of fresh flowers and a sumptuous dessert. My honeys idea of romantic is a secluded area, free from distractions, a nice steak dinner in a place where he can be comfortable and relax. So in order to meet our unique needs and ideals of romance a little cabin by the creek is perfect. Here we can combine warm days and hiking through the woods working up an appetite in clean air. Then tromp back to the cabin to light the fireplace, put on some jazz and prepare our dinner together without distraction. We can enjoy a glass of wine and our meal before retiring to the pillows in front of the fireplace to enjoy our dessert and each other.

This can be accomplished around a camp fire as well, the ambiance created by nature herself is awe inspiring. The point of this particular blog is to get you thinking about and perhaps taking a camping trip with just you and your honey. Getting outside and into a natural setting can bring out the primal (and sexual) human in us all. Intimacy without distraction from our daily lives, intimacy in a setting that is conductive of communication and in a natural, calming environment.

There is always talk of "date night" and I'm a big believer that we must set aside time in our lives to be together with our partners. This time is our "bonding" time, a time for us to be intimate and just be together. Every day we should take just a couple minutes to be intimate, kiss, talk, snuggle, cuddle etc... It's that intimate bond that creates a spectacular sex life and keeps us interested in each others lives. So perhaps, one date night this fall you and your lover can sneak away to some secluded place and enjoy the wild environment, bonding and some steamy camp sex.

Anyway you choose to go, spend just a couple moments each day being intimate with your partner, at least one date night a month and as always...

Stay Curvy



  1. I LOVE the fresh air, the hiking,swimming and especially the outdoors sex. Hell....My boyfriend and I even did it on a flat rock once. NOT comfortable but VERY sexy under the stars. Great post per usual.

  2. wow sounds like some fresh ideas for the fall, good writing and certainly got me thinking :)

  3. Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it. Just be sure to have some super sexy fun in the woods. :D rawr rawr rawr.

  4. I think you have a permanent fan, and just looking at your post will elicit some good writes for Poetica Erotica etc.

  5. Oh thank you! And I believe you also have a perma-fan in me. In point of fact, I'd like to chat with you about perhaps doing a reading for an upcoming radio show if you are comfortable with that. I love some sexy writing and who better to express it than the writer himself (or herself). Email if your interested curvy@curviesaftermidnight.com

  6. Hi Curvy I sent you a reply so it probably went to your spam folder. Nevertheless most definitely.

  7. That's being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Whoot whoot. :D

  8. Hi Curvy

    Thank you for talking about something considered taboo with so much class - I love it. I just came back from spending the weekend at an Equine Clinic. One of the "draws" for me is that I get to take a shower outdoors. What an erotic experience that is - and would be more so with a S.O. Your post also made me think of a list I posted a little while ago, which you might enjoy :-)! Here it is: http://wp.me/p2zGQ7-id
    Let me know what you think!


  9. I love the post and thank you! These are such great ideas and so simple to pull off! Keep those posts coming! :D