Thursday, September 27, 2012

Get hands on

to get the goodies.

Listen guys and dolls, if you want this... or maybe this...

You have to give us something to work with. I know I know I know, you're tired of hearing how we women have to be romanced and worked over sexually in order to be aroused and ready for sex. Yadda yadda yadda. I'm a woman and frankly I'm tired of hearing about it. Personally I believe that we, as women need to be responsible for our own orgasms.

OK so you get it, women need and deserve foreplay in order to get really turned on. Yet in the same breath, men also need and deserve foreplay as well. Since the only tugging that needs to be going on in the bedroom are the tugging of belt straps and bed sheets lets wrap this little contest up.

Men AND Women both respectively need to be gotten hot before gotten off. It's the bond, and I can't think of anything hotter than a sensual massage. So let's get ready to get slippery, grab your Kama Sutra massage kit , a set of nice towels, put on some sexy relaxing music for a massage, I love love love Enigma. In point of fact I love them for anything sexy. Get your copy of Erotic Massage - A Touch of Love cuddle up with it, breeze through it and decide who's doing who tonight!

Adding sensual massage into your foreplay is erotic, sexy, relaxing and fun. It does take some time and practice to get it just right because again we are all different. So lets explore some massage tidbits to get you started. Before a massage, how bout you and your love take a nice relaxing bath together. Since you're gonna be naked and this will be a full body a little scrub-a-dub will make you and your love more comfortable.

Have your partner lay on their back and settle in behind them running your hands over their scalp and head. This is a light massage, and the scalp has many sensitive areas so small circular motions are key to a sexy scalp massage. Starting at the head is a great way to get him or her relaxed and a prelude of whats to follow. When you are able to make your lover tremble at you touch, you know you are getting it right. ;) Don't stop there. Once your lover is nice and relaxed have them turn onto their stomachs and work your way down to their feet.

Get our your yummy massage oil, warm it up in your hands and begin at the neck using your thumbs, in small circles work the area of the neck around the spine and use your fingers to work the sides of the neck. Work you way down to shoulder and run your hands down his or her back all the way to their butt and work your way back up along their sides. On your final "run up" begin your work on their arms again using varying pressure going from the shoulder all the way down to his or her finger tips. Pay some special attention to the wrist and palm of the hand. Use your thumbs in small circular motions around the palm and wrist of your lover. If you want to take it a step further, sweet (tasty) kisses on the wrist, hand and finger tips is a really sexy trick that will get your lover all kinds of hot. While your lover is on his or her stomach, you can use your nude body to rub against theirs as well as your hands. This is after all a sensual massage and you'd better get at least down to the undie-duds to do this.

When you have finished with their arms and have made your way to their back again, make several initial passes again over their back and on your final descension, slid your slippery palms over their rears (just as a teaser) and start with long stroked down their legs all the way to their feet. Kneading the back of the thigh and calf as you descend travel to their feet. Use gentle circular motions on the back of the knee. You'll want to make your descension and ascension in sets of three. One down and up on the back of the leg, one down and up on the outer leg, one down and up on the inner leg. Spend some time working in small circular motions around the ankle. Once you are finished with the back of the leg have your lover roll onto their back.

Now you will spend a couple of moments focusing on their feet. (Aren't you glad I had you take a bath now?) Again, use your palms to warm up some of that massage oil and use your thumbs to work from the ankle and heel to the top of the toes. Use a gentle pressure on the feet as those of us who are ticklish might end up kicking or tensing up. Massage both the top and bottom of the feet. In reflexology the foot has several sexual points. I found this handy-dandy downloadable pdf on the Taoist approach to sexual reflexology here it is, ( I virus scanned it prior to downloading it, but I suggest you do the same! ) So, back to the hot steamy massage. As you are working the foot, use again small circles on the top part of the foot at the crease or bend of the foot to stimulate the groin area in your partner. This area extends from the spine of the foot across the top (at the bend) to the inner ankle.

When you are finished with your lovers feet, massage the leg (again in sets of three) front, outer and inner. Use a deeper pressure when following the blood flow and light pressure when massaging against the flow of blood. There are five basic strokes to incorporate during your massage. Friction, Tapping, Kneading, Stroking and Vibrating. (Already sounds fun) As you wrap up the royal leg treatment, you will focus on the abdomen, chest and frontal neck. Before kneading tummies, you might want to ask. This can be a source of insecurities for some.

Now depending on where and how you are giving this sexy massage your position will need to change throughout the massage. Since I don't have a massage table, I massage my sweetie in the bed so here is where I scamper on up and sit on him pinning his legs or stand off to the side. Anyhoo, as you are kneading and stroking (I really just wanted to say stroking again) your way around the abs and chest area don't forget the nipples. For the love of all that is HOT, Don't FORGET THE NIPS!!!!!

Again you will work the arms, similar to the first round while your lover was on his or her back. Use deeper pressure as you massage down toward the fingers and lighter pressure from the finger tips to the shoulder. For the frontal neck, you will cradle your lovers neck between your two hands and use very light strokes with the thumb up and down the neck. Light pressure being the key here. You will wrap up your sensual massage with light, delicate strokes along the chin line, cheek bones, eye brows, temple and forehead of your lover.

One of the fun things about a sensual massage is that feeling of anticipation you create in your lover. By the time you finish your massage both you and your lover will be ready to seal the deal, so to speak. In this type of massage, the obvious erogenous zones are lightly brushed over and can be focused on after you finish with the rest of the body if you choose. A sensual massage is a great tool for creating intimacy even without sex. It can be a gesture of love and appreciation as well as a way to help that stressed out lover relax after a hard day.

As you do your massage, use your body in the same rhythm as your strokes to ensure that you are getting good muscle penetration. With massage there are as many schools of thought out there are individual masseuse practitioners. Some will combine various techniques. If you are new at massage, it's best if you grab a book or dvd to get further versed in the art of sensual massage. This blog is by no means a "how to" I simply mean to supply you with some ideas to further your sexual experimentation and bonding with your partner. By getting some media instruction, you and your lover can watch or read it together to further the anticipation.

Sensual massage is sexy, any way you look at it. So stop messing around on the internet, grab a shower or bath with your lover, some oil and a candle to set the mood, get to massaging each other and as always...

Stay Curvy!!!!



  1. Hey Curvy, Enigma is the bomb and the"Principles of Lust" circa 1989 from their Principles of Lust Album is where it is at. If you wouldnt mind doing me a favor hit me up about some potential subject matter for Poetica Erotica. Would love your thoughts and any of your followers...thanks TST

  2. Thanks, hey anything I can do to do my part to keep this world sexy you let me know. :D Thank you for your comments and yes, Enigma is awesome!