Thursday, September 20, 2012

Exploring Tantra

If you're like most of us, you've heard about Tantra and Tantric Sex. And again like most of us, you might have initially discarded it thinking it's some weird sex cult or some new age thing. After spending a considerable amount of time studying and completely enjoying the tantric experimentations I've found that Tantra is neither of these things.

While it would take a book to explain Tantra, or several books in point of fact this is a blog and I hope after reading this it will intrigue you enough to check out some Tantric practices. Again, this isn't meant to be a Tantric lesson, but I do hope it sparks enough curiosity to get you and your lover to check out some Tantric techniques. Like most people I like my sex to vary, sometimes I want it rough and tumble, other times a "quickie" is all I want, then there are those times when I want to be romanced and worshiped as a woman. There are days when I want to be explored and others when exploration is off limits, especially if I'm feeling fat or unattractive.

So guys, my best advise for you is to mix it up and exploring Tantra is a great way to explore yourselves and your partner sexually. I don't mean each and every time or that you need to explore your sensual side every sex session. At times, I and most of the women I've spoken to, just want a man to be a man all rough, gruff and smelling like a "manly man".

Ladies, we need to pay a little attention to our man and his sensuality as well. I've had the conversations "You're too aggressive" and I've had the conversations "You're too passive, I want you to initiate." So if you choose, take his hand and lead him down a Tantric path so you both can explore each others innate traits, and possibly expand on the more subtle ones.

Tantra is not some new age sex cult. It's recently come to light in our western cultures, mainly thanks to the Wonderful WWW. :D (Who'da thought it would provide us more than just porn to look at) In fact Tantra came into being about 5,000 years ago. Tantra is a spiritual path that is designed to create the harmonious union between the male and female in all of us.

In Tantra, the Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) represent all the contrasts in life. Strength and weakness, assertive and submissive, black and white. For each of these contrasts, one cannot survive without another. Each individual has a mixture of these traits and can have both masculine and feminine traits regardless of their sex.

Some of the traits are as follows:

Yin (Feminine)

Yang (Masculine)

Now of course, these traits are not necessarily exclusive. For instance, personally, I have the Yang traits of being controlling, protective and sexual more so than the Yin traits of being passive or receptive. So as you are contemplating these specific traits, know that regardless of your sex, you might find a mixture of these.

In Tantra the goal is to have each partner explore these aspects of themselves, each other and combine them with harmony during love making. In order to have a fulfilling Tantric experience the male and female forces must be harmonious.

There are certain sexual situations where it can be difficult to determine our individual roles. This is where that communication I'm always talking about comes in. The simple fact is, if we find ourselves doing the same thing over and over it can get boring. However once we begin to communicate, explore ourselves and our sexual traits we provide ourselves an outstanding opportunity to find our comfort levels with the various Tantric traits.

Now, in discussing the traits again, we can have a little of both in one package. Meaning we as women can have some masculine traits and men can find themselves having some of the Yin traits as well. The key in combining these traits into successful lovemaking is ensuring a balance between the partners. For example, if I am controlling my partner would need to be submissive. If my partner is sexual I need to compliment his sexuality with my own sensuality.

While good lovemaking doesn't have to take preparation, excellent Tantric lovemaking does take some preparation. Again, set the ambiance for love and incorporate all five senses. Taste, Sound, Smell, Touch, Vision. This doesn't have to be extremely difficult. Some fun Tantra geared tools are the Tantra Feather Teaser and the Dreamsicle gift bag. Grab your copy of The Modern Tantra DVD and get to exploring the Tantric sexual path.

Each of these tools can be incorporated into your Tantric love making sessions. Again, you want to compliment each other, so if your lover is strong and tough you'll want to soften that strong tough exterior up with a little feathery tickle and your sexy soft side.

One of the most exhillarating experiences I've had was experimenting with Tantric traits. I learned about myself as well as my lover. I found different aspects of myself that I enjoyed exploring and experimenting with.

If nothing else, grab yourself some internet time spend just a few moments to explore the art of Tantric sex and expand your sexual experimentation and as always...

Stay Curvy


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  1. I really enjoy Tantra sex. Exploring each others wants, desires, setting the mood with wonderfully scented oils and candles, man, I'm getting HOT just talking bout it. Great write. I'm a fan!!!