Monday, October 8, 2012

Sex Talk with Curvy

Sex Talk with Curvy 10/06 by Sex Talk with Curvy | Blog Talk Radio.

OK so my VERY FIRST TIME doing Sex Talk with Curvy. :D I was super excited and almost pee'd my panties. It turns out that I love planning and get super bouncy and more than a little breathy when it comes down to it. (hehe) I think I need voice lessons so I don't sound like a kid. :( But I didn't squeak, so that it good.

My producer actually gave me "the look", you know that look you give to a kid who is talking too much. I got it. I'm still super excited to have guests on our next show! Hopefully one of my favorite WordPress bloggers and erotic poets will be able to make it in and grace us with his poetry and some inkling into the mind of a poet!

We are working on some other guests, I'd love to do a show on body image and how it affects our sex lives. We are also working on getting a rep from a sex toy manufacturer! (I so want to know who comes up with some of these things! I still can't look at a rabbit, as in bunny, without giggling) I'd love love love to have some of my blogger buddies on the show too, cause we are awesome!

I have a doctor and pharmacist coming on to discuss sexual issues, effect of medication on intimacy and sex, and when it's no just a "little thing" and you need to see a doctor!

I'd love to hear your ideas on topics as well! If you have a topic or issue you'd like to hear discussed please let me know!

How exciting it is to try something new, it might not have been a sexual act, but it sure as Hell was exciting and fun! And I got to talk about sex! So whoot me!

Our next episode is set to run on the 20th! So come join us for some sexy fun!


  1. Hi

    Congratulations on your new show! How fun is that!?! I thought I sent you a link to something I thought you would enjoy thinking about before your weekend jaunt. But now I can't find it. Did you receive it?


  2. curviesaftermidnightOctober 9, 2012 at 3:16 AM

    Yes, you did. I love'd it. Though my weekend was cut short, it was still super fun. I think we need to get together and have you do some reading on the show as well! :D It'll be and we can talk about naughty stuff! :D lol

  3. Hi

    I just can't keep track of what I said where it seems. Actually I have some ideas to pass by you, would it be possible to e-mail you directly?


  4. Curvy, outstanding job, I'm so glad to hear that your first show went great. I'm so looking forward to working with you and discussing the very subject we as sophisticated person, shouldn't discuss...HAHA. I said to hell with being prudish...If more people excepted and talked about sex and enjoyed sex in all its forms, we might just be a less aggressive species. You don't see "Lions, Tigers and Bears...Oh my" going around killing at the drop of a hat, dime or trowel.

  5. :D Thank you! It was a lot of fun and I agree. The chemicals released during sex alone are more potent than any anti-depressant or mood enhancer out there. There are just so many benefits to sex and sexual excitement yet it often gets rather neglected within LTR's. :( But we are gonna have a super sexy fun time. I emailed you a break down of our upcoming show! It'll be live, so I really excited. (As usual hehe)

  6. The Scales of TimeOctober 9, 2012 at 5:54 PM

    good i'm gonna send you something via email later.

  7. Sure, email me anytime. I loves ideas! :D :D