Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As if it weren't enough...

in January we are expanding our podcasts on blog talk radio! (hey I'm payin for it might as well use it!)

So our line up is as follows:

Romantic Wednesday: All you authors out there come chat with me about your work, published and upcoming books, ebooks, erotica, erotic poetry etc... Every Wednesday we'll be talking about some sexy read.

Sex Toy Thursday: We are working on gathering the most innovative, sexy, fun & functional sex toy manufacturers to talk about their toys. On the market or soon to be released. ( I ♥ sex toyzzzzzz )

It's the KinkEnd Fridays: Because a KinkEnd is so much more fun than a regular weekend. On Fridays we will be talking all things kinky! We are going to dig deep into topics such as Power Play, Pain Play, Bondage and Role Play as well as other forms of kink and how to get your kinky on.

Sex Talk Saturday: In January we are going to tackle some pretty hard-hitting topics like Sex after Sexual Trauma: Getting your sexy back! We'll be having on Montique of Zinity Fitness and talk about their performance enhancing exercise routine! We are also working on getting on live a Doctor to discuss some signs of sexual dysfunction, a Pharmacist to discuss sexual side-effects of some common pharmaceutical treatments and possibly, just maybe a super awesome holistic health practitioner to go over some alternative methods to deal with sexual issues.

Gonna be a busy year 2013, assuming I survive the zombies (IJS hehe)


  1. You know, when you discuss sexual trauma, you might want to address rape play. Many woman that have been rape desire this and they feel they are in some way abnormal. The are indeed not.

  2. That is a fabulous idea! I will get it in and added to the format for a KinkEnd segment as well! Thank you!

  3. Yay good. :) People tend to confess to me. It is pretty common for people to tell me these things. As I have had sexual trauma myself, it tends to be easier for people to talk to me about.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that Rebecca. :( But I'm so thrilled to see you so well put together, happy and oh so sexy! :D We are doing the sexual trauma show on the 5th of January if you'd like to call in and give us some advise on staying sexy & survival. We'd love to chat with you and let you be your fabulous self and inspire others!

  5. I am liking the weekly calendar of events for the show. Great Idea!

  6. Thanks! I figure my new years resolution would be to get organized. O_O Let's see how we look on January 2nd. HEHE